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Holistic Remedial Bodywork



I work with Hoffman Massage which is a system of intuitive remedial massage and bodywork.

The main determinant behind the Hoffmann Massage System is to bring back balance into your body. 

Hoffman Massage uses a combination of various techniques that are aimed at affecting and balancing many different systems of the body. These include Deep Tissue, Relaxation,

Bowen Therapy, Energetic Healing, Aroma Therapy and Flame Cupping. 

My treatments are typically a combination of these techniques and are tailored to the individual based on the issues presented. 


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Martin your Massage Therapist

My name is Martin. I grew up in the  countryside around Lucerne on a farm in Switzerland.  

 I worked for many years in flight operations at Zurich Airport calculating takeoff weights and balance point of aircrafts.

 I have always maintained a focus on my health and the optimal functioning of my body. Living a busy, active lifestyle, I was acutely aware of the benefits that massage can provide to one’s sense of overall wellbeing. Seeing the impact that massage had on my own body and state of being, I fulfilled a long held desire to share this with others by making a complete career change and becoming a Massage Therapist, not to balance aircrafts,

but your body. I completed my Certificate IV in Massage Therapy in Melbourne and I have a Diploma in Hoffman Massage System and a Diploma in Bowen Therapy and I've been working full time as a Massage Therapist since 2016. 


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I have health problems. Can I still get a massage?

In most cases there is nothing wrong in receiving a massage. Massage is known to have a positive effect on the healing process of many conditions. If there are health issues that you know of, just make sure to ask your doctor if a massage would be suitable for you or not. Also, massages are not indicated if you have a fever, inflammation, rashes or if there are open lesions on your skin.

Do I have to undress completely for a massage?

If you aren't getting a Bowen treatment it is preferable that you enjoy your massage in the nude. Please be assured that your privacy is respected and assured during the massage. It is essential for me that my clients feel safe and respected. If you prefer to keep your underwear on that is of course no problem at all. Please understand that some of the strokes will have to be performed on top of the fabric which is inhibiting the effect and the sensation of continuity and completeness. Feel free to contact me if you need further information on this topic.

I would like to have an appointment for a massage right after work. Can I take a shower at the location?

Yes of course you can take a shower before or after a massage. I use high quality organic massage oils. 

These massage oils are used as body oil and there is no need to wash it off.

Fresh towels, body wash and hair dryer are available.

I strongly encourage my clients not to have a shower after the treatment especially when cupping was involved and high quality essential oils have been used. 


I don't like traditional massage music, can I bring my own music?
I'm always open to music suggestions for our massage treatment. 

I do have a wide range of different types of music myself. 
If you would like to listen to your own music simply tell me your preferred Spotify playlist. 

Is it ok to speak during the massage?
If you do feel the need to speak during the massage, feel free to do so. Our main goal is a state of total relaxation. To let your mind willingly switch off is a bliss that we rarely grant ourselves. Try to enjoy the positive effects of stillness. 


Do you offer health fund rebates?

No. Although I a have  two internationally recognised Diplomas in

Hoffman Massage and Bowen Therapy it is not eligible for health fund rebates in Australia as Natural Therapies have been stripped off the list. But I do offer  membership program where you receive discounted rates for as many treatments as you need. Have a look in the special offers section. 

Is it ok to change position during the massage if I don't feel comfortable?
It is one of my main goals to make my clients as comfortable as possible.

Should there be anything at all that displeases you like, music too loud, too much pressure, head piece too low, room too cold or too hot or you might feel the need to go the bathroom, anything at all, please feel free to let me know. After the massage it will be too late to change anything about the situation. It is no use to suffer through a massage or a discomfort, so please give me a short feedback and I will make sure that everything gets back in order.

Do I need relaxation time after a massage?
The most wonderful thing is to just take a nap right after a massage and to enjoy the relaxed quality as long as possible. Unfortunately due do to the limit space in my practice

I can not offer time and space for an extended nap. I do make sure though that you get an adequate amount of time to recover before I bid you goodbye.
It is important that you give yourself some time to adjust yourself to the faster rythms outside of the practice. A massage can relax you to such an extent that it might have an effect on your reflexes. Make sure that you don't drive imediately after a massage. Enjoy the fresh air and take your time before you start powering up your internal engine. It is also important to drink water to support the detoxing effect of your massage.

How do I get to you?

Take the train to Williamstown North Station. Depending how fast you walk the 1.4km it will not take you any longer then 15 minutes. There are more frequent trains to Newport on the Werribee line but its a little bit further. If you come by car, there is enough free all day street parking in front of the house. By the way, its good if you walk a couple of minutes after a massage before you sit in your car.

I can't make it to my appointment, what should I do?
Please inform me at least 24 hours before, if you can't make your appointment.  We will find a more convenient time for your next appointment. If you can't cancel within the 24 hours limit, I will have to charge you 50% of the massage value. An other option is to make one of your friends or family happy by letting them enjoy your massage session in your place.


16 Inglis Street

Williamstown North 3016


Business hours Monday to Saturday 9am - 8pm 

   by appointment only

you can book online in the rates section. If you have any question prior to book an appointment please send me a message. 


I will get back to you shortly

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